Saturday, June 28, 2008

Good horse news!

Jodi watched Axe trot out this morning on a lead line and thought she looked sound. SHe suggested riding lightly to build her back up again. I spent a good part of the late morning waiting for the farrier to show up; I won't know until tomorrow if he did or not. I'm going to ride her tomorrow regardless. Hopefully we'll have no residual panic issues in her stall. I got a break-away safety cross tie so hopefully that helps. There is little to no swelling in her pastern, and no heat on any ligaments or joints.
Today for lunch I marinated boneless chicken thighs in a teriyaki sauce then grilled, and had rice on the side and corn on the cob. It all came out good, but I quickly remembered why I don't like dealing with chicken thighs- so much waste from trimming off fat & icky stuff! Plus you can't get it all off. Nothing chewy as I ate, but my mind was on all the ickys that i knew were lurking amongst the crevices in the meat. Maybe if someone else had cleaned them, I would have enjoyed them more.
Then we watched the Drew Barrymore "Cinderella" and sweated..................... In a perfectly platonic way- due to the humidity.

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Linda said...

Glad to hear that Ms. Axeu is all right. See you Thursday!