Sunday, December 2, 2007

All Righty Then..

Blogger seems wicked slow tonight. Did ya miss me?? Huh?? No posts for a day!
Messy storm coming in tonight; the snow started about 5:00 pm. I did a Walmart run before lunch and a Lowe's run before dinner. I'm looking for LED icicle lights. No such luck, and I went to both local hardware stores before the big boys. One of those owners said "Gee! Do they make Xmas lights LED now?" And this is the guy I usually ask my stupid fix-it questions to.
Bob & I went to brunch with Dianne & Jen and Alice & Dave. It was delicious, and good to catch up. I also asked Alice to keep me on her stall list, Emily's potential leaser having disappeared off the face of the earth.
Well, Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Aksaban is on. I should watch.
PS Another shit head boarder came back to the farm today. This particular condescending bitch has some difficulty in believing that someone who isn't afraid of hard work (ie: stall shoveling & associated barn work) could possibly go to a good college with the intentions of going pre-med. Apparently, we stall shovelers are stoopit.

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