Tuesday, December 18, 2007

You talkin' to me??

Here I am! Over here...yes- here!!!
Just a quick one to let you know I'm alive; Thursday's storm wiped me out, and then again on Saturday night into Sunday. I HATE snow! It wouldn't be so bad except my freekin elbows of all things are killing me, since I stopped working at the barn. Well it started just before I left, and has gotten worse. I'm back to 2 Alleeves, am and pm, just to keep the burning at bay.
Plus, my monthly week (to 10 day) of exhaustion commenced, and I get so far with everything that NEEDS to be done, and I have to wipe out on the couch. I did manage to get my 6 batches of cookies baked as of last night. Tonight is 4 pans of baklava, make up grain & walk Axe at the barn (too icy to turn out as she hasn't got her snow shoes on yet) before she turns stir-crazy - she was quite... hmmm... "peppy" might be a good adjective, last night for my ride. I got my brother's package mailed off Saturday, and my Mom's goes out today, and I put up my ceramic snow house last night during the last batch or two of cookies. Gosh I owe you lots of pictures.
I have to get my turkey tonight and beef stew supplies (gift to Dianne & Jen). I got some IKEA pencil boxes to convert to stitching kits for the S & B ladies, and that has to happen before Thursday (which is what the Baklava is for). I still have to complete my shopping, and wrapping, and bake cheesecakes. And finish the baby quilt & pillow; and I have to pick Emily up in Boston Thursday afternoon, and oh my god I just want a nap!
I WILL try to get some photos up soon... I promise.

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