Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sometimes you just want to scream..

Crappy ride home from work Friday- snowy, slushy stuff. It was supposed to rain. So I didn't ride or grocery shop. I made popovers though, and a batch of beef stew for Bob at the barn.

Saturday I had it all planned: work for Tom until late morning, then up in Canton on a side job, tehn pick Emily up at the Braintree T station, take her to get her glasses, then the mall, then riding, then back to Braintree to the T. Unfortunately, I got a call from Bob at the barn that he neeeded help- the new weekend woman didn't show, and Haley wasn't answering her phone. So I sped down there because it never hurts to have major brownie points and to be owed a huge favor from the person in charge of taking care of your horse. Then back to BRaintree, no time to ride, but got the glasses & the Mall, then back to Braintree, then back home to grocery shop. I crashed on the couch with a bologna sandwich & a glass of wine & a cookie at 8:30 at night, 249 miles elapsed on my odometer since Thursday after X-stitch.

Today I had to pick my Bob up becuase his transmission isn't working; we went to taunton to see where his insurance hearing will be- good thing- because it wasn't where I though it was. The bring Bob home, but I stopped at the new Target in Wareham & got 75% of my kids' presents shopping done. That's a huge relief.
I was able to put up my icicle lights today. I need to get the tree up, though, but I'm afraid Delilah will trash it. I also have to write about Thursday night's festivities at Linda's house- we had a great time & great food! But that'll be for another night.

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