Thursday, December 20, 2007

Holy Stash-ola!

I came home with a haul & a half from S&B tonight! But first, a progress photo of Hawaiian Sunset Biscornu:

One more corner on the back, then putting together. I'm crazy but I'm going to try the beaded edge.
Here's Chicken looking for some of my bologna sandwich:

Here's my other cross stitch Santa ornament:

You can see the pom poms on the hat & the shape better.
I had to drive into Boston to pick up Emily in the "it's supposed to be rain" snow storm. It took an hour to drive in from Canton, which usually takes 15 minutes. The roads were marginally better on the way back, only because all the other drivers were resigned to the fact that it was indeed snowing, NOT raining.

Tonight I came home with:

From Jane: mini-fruitcakes & get this: fig newtons, halfed, dipped in chocolate & rolled in nuts. They looked like designer chocolates in their little papers and SO yummy!
From Linda: Ginger cookies with a felt cardinal ornament
From Deb: a set of scissors & a magnet from the store. I think she had orange cookies, but somehow I didn't get any ?
From Jean: Frosted ? cookies & a box of chocolate-dipped altoids.
From Joann: Eggnog bars
From Nancy: walnut chocolate clusters & a box of fancy local chocolates
From Carole: Looks like almond puffcookies

Here are the stitch boxes (perfect for the new scissors!) I made:

The magnet was sticky back, but it came from my ex-MIL's stash and was about 30 years old, so it kept popping off the cover and trying to curl back up. It sticks good for about 15 minutes, then lifts. I had to glue it down after the fact. Eh.
You can see the curling magnet on the white box. I lined one compartment with fabric, different colors for each box.
Now I'm off to the couch; I have such an anti-caffeine headache. Shoot! I have to wash dishes. Do you think any one would be able to tell if I just had Chickie do them?
Ummm.... nah.. I don't think that's such a good idea.
And that freekin Delilah is finally attacking the tree. Awesome.

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