Monday, December 24, 2007

Just a Little Further...

I got the other 4 mini-cheesecakes done- one sprung a leak in the water bath; I'll save that for me. I just baked my dinner rolls, and a batch of what I'd hope be like the buns my mom made for Xmas; alas, not quite, but still a bread product and therefore good!

I put the turkey in to brine this morning, and got Avery's pillow made this afternoon; I was wrapping just as Dianne knocked on the door to deliver her presents- good timing or what??!!

I had a thread skip first seam in the middle above the x-stitch, leaving a 3/4" gap, which I found as I was stuffing. I had to pull out all the fluff, turn outside in again & resew. What a bother. It's pink organza ribbon; it looks on the orange-ish side here.
Patriots are 15-0- what a present that is, huh? Bob is borrowing my car so he can go back & forth to the shelter in New Bedford at will. * Edited* to say that Bob helps cook Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners at a woman's shelter in N.B. every year. The cooking spans several nights preceding the actual holiday(s). Without his truck it was a huge problem getting there.
I'm waiting to hear from Emily to see if she's coming home from the boyfriend's house or not. It's been our tradition to get Chinese food Christmas eve, but if she's not coming, I'd prefer pizza and they close at 6:00 so I kinda have to know....SOON!

I'm liking not having a car- it's forcing me to get done what needs doing, instead of running around avoiding the tasks I've set out for myself, and then complaining "I don't have time!", and being up until 2:30 am wrapping. As it is, I'm blogging instead of dish washing to clean up the kitchen before the wrap party starts.
Hey just got a call she's coming home later so i can get a pizza- if they're still open.
A Merry and Joyous Christmas to you all!

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