Thursday, December 6, 2007

We know what Thursdays mean..

Stitch & Bitch tonight!

We are all going to Linda's house tonight. She puts up about 7 Xmas trees; we're having an Hors D'Oerve (is that how that's spelled?) party. We probably won't get to any actual stitching & I must confess, it's been a horrible week for me stitching-wise. We have a Friday deadline on two different lab projects here at work; and I can only wrap my teeeeny brain around one at a time. And to top it off, our super-duper computer array (YES! An ARRAY of computers- 3 hard drives in a RAIDD system with a "hot swap"- whatever that is) shit the bed this morning. A squealing whine arose yesterday morning after my boss left for the day- of such tone or pitch that I was either going to have a seizure or stab the next person who entered the office to DEATH with a red felt-tip Flair. I opted to close the door and turn the radio up louder.

When my boss came in this morning, I told him about the whine (which i assumed indicated nothing good- only dying hard drives make that kind of noise) adn he asked me to log off the network, and it wouldn't re-boot- NONE of the redundant drives and the "hot swap" (whatever that is) would re-boot. Long story short, it was a battery on the CMOS taht died, and the whine was actually an alarm, computer geek came & fixed it by 10:30, and here I am blogging instead of drawing.
Anyway, I rode the Axe last night; at one turn she decided to check that I was paying attention and pretended to startle and almost ducked out from under me, but I hung on. SHe's got such a sweet canter- I wish my legs were stronger- i could just canter her forever!

I finished Harry Potter& the Order of the Phoenix, and started the Half-Blood Prince. It's amazing at how much of these stories I don't remember. Anyway, I just kept talking myself out of stitching all week. The woman interested in leasing Axe still is, and will start paying by the ride, hopefully tomorrow. She thinks she can ride one day a week thru Christmas, and more after the holidays. Which is good.

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