Thursday, December 13, 2007

THAT"S Gonna Hurt!

Well, the tree is up & photoed, but you'll have to wait; after 2 bouts of shoveling my driveway, and since Bob has borrowed Em's car, I have THAT spot to shovel instead of it being covered by car, I'm about to fall on my face. I'll probably have to go out yet again- my street needs to be plowed again, and I get major blocked in every time, being the 1st house on the right off Main Street. I got home safely just as it was starting here- at work it hadn't begun, so it would have appeared that i had jumped the gun, but it was snowing pretty good just as i got off the highway here. i won't be able to move tomorrow.
Emily saw the Back Street Boys in a mini-lounge concert a local radio was hosting. She got to hug AJ & got a picture. Another post- my arms are falling offf...............

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