Wednesday, December 19, 2007

More Photos:

6 types of cookies & 4 pans of baklava:

Outside of my house:

Sorry it's blurry. That big bush to the right of the door is holly, as is the one on the far right. The one on the right I trim regularly- it would be the same as the other if I didn't.

Individual Ornaments:

Breyers Race Horses: Secretariat in front of Seabiscuit. Sometimes we call Ms.Axeu "AxeBiscuit".

Emily made this one long ago- it's a favorite of mine.

I made two of these (identical) years ago from an old "Cross Stitch & Country Crafts" magazine. The pattern called for a Christmas plaid aida place mat, and you stitched the Santa motif at the corner of the plaid. The red hat is the fabric, as is the green with gold check. I bought opposite color-way fabric- green ground with red plaid - with the intention of making more, but it languishes in my stash. I should take a better picture- it's finished in a cone shape with pompoms & tiny bells on the tip of the hat.


Anna van Schurman said...

Where did you get Secretariat and Seabiscuit? My father would LOVE those...and he is so damn hard to buy for. It all looks great, and I'm coming to steal a baklava!

XmaryX said...

We got them from various horse-supply catalogs about 3-4 years ago, and an expo called "Equine Affaire" held in Springfiled every year (at the Big E site). I noticed on the boxes, it says it was a series of 11 (which seems odd, maybe it was 12)race horse ornaments. We also have Sir Barton & War Admiral. Breyer (the horse figurine company) may have had the series when the Seabiscuit movie came out. Try Ebay or Breyers or Craigslist. Does he have the Seabiscuit Movie? There is also a PBS Seabicuit documentary with the actual B & W footage of the War Admiral match race; it was almost as good as the movie itself.
Let me know if you want the Baklava recipe- it's kind of easy, just a PITA assembly process with 20 minutes of baking.