Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I really need to get to bed, and put up my tree, and ceramic snow house with all its little critters, and wrap gifts & mail some to VA and to FLA, and make cookie doughs, and pay bills and balance my checkbook (AGAIN!!) and vaccuum the floor and give Chicken a bath and finish the baby quilt and stitch- oh to do some cross stitch instead of just reading about it on everyone else's blogs (thanks you guys- some days it's all the "stitching" I get to!) and stack some fire wood -only a whole cord of it, and the leaves in my yard are just horrendous, and when's the last time I washed that car?? And tidy up the desk area so I can actually find something, and deck out some IKEA pencil boxes to make stitching boxes for the ladies at S & B, and the horse needs riding at least 3 days a week, preferably 5 but that shoots the whole evening out the window and Holy Crap Batman! when the heck can I sleep!

And on an entirely different channel: Denis called today from Ireland- he said that the weather has been terrible- 40 foot waves in St.Finan's bay- "Twas spectacular to see" he said, "the rain is slanting sideways as we speak."

Nothing like this though. This was perfect!

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