Friday, February 1, 2008

Bricks & Mortar...

More FOS:

It was kind of slow going, and the color changes for the masonry occurred a bit further apart than I like to skip stitches, but still too close together to end & re-start the thread. There are 3 different floss colors in there, and I haven't got the rhythm down yet, so I had to refer to the chart every 4 stitches. PAH! And the right side of this house is finished on another page, so what you see continues a bit more to the right.
More stash:
The chart is self-explanatory; the fabric is 40 ct. "Exclusive blend #4". It has a slight over dye effect, but it's a nice buttery yellow. I'm not sure what I'll be using it for, but I know I have several Want-To-Starts that would look nice on this color. I like the chart, but really only got it because I've been itching to stitch something from BBD- like from the book I got last year. Even just the alphabet sampler. People have been discussing rotations, but my scatter brain just can't wrap aound more than one large-ish project and one or two small projects at a time. Plus I absolutely HATE not having all the floss in my kitted project, and having to steal colors from one kit to the next and then not returning it. And that's because I'm cheap and don't want to buy more than one skein of floss at a time (unless the design callss for more).
So anyway, my OCD says to finish the Xmas biscornu, and then ...Ahem... remember the Wish ornament? I need to finish that, and then I can pick a couple of new smalls. ANd then finish FOS.
Oh, and I did get all my tax, FAFSA & CssProfile stuff done. I can file my taxes when I get one last document from BU. It seems they mail out the 1098's on January 31st. Oh- I mean, their "outside source" mails them out on the 31st. I told the student accounts girl that they should tell their "outside source" that I'm supposed to have the document in my hot little hands by the 31st- by law. "TEE-Hee!" she replied, "Well I don't control that."
No I wouldn't think so.

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