Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow Day!

Well, half of one anyway. So I went up to ride Ms.Axeu. She seemed happy to get out of her stall- the past 2 weeks has been spent inside more than outside. I tried switching saddles, but the new one is stiff from lack of use, although it fits my fat ass better. She was frisky today at the canter, too frisky, and I think my weight has been bothering her back, so I want to rise out of the saddle, which I'm pretty sure is not "quite Proper" in a dressage saddle. Anyway, either I'm tense with other riders in the ring (Ummm...Yess?) or this new saddle tosses me out of it more- I was bouncing like crazy- or she justs needs a good run, something I didn't have the nerve and the room for with a 4-person group lesson going on at the same time. Sigh! I'll have to go up again tomorrow night when (hopefully) it'll be quiet for a six-lap canter, both directions.

Here's a Creepy Kids update:
The right side house I bought a different floss- it's supposed to be the same floss color as those dark maroon berries between it & the middle house, but that skein seemed a little too monochromatic. I'm pleased with the new color.
Here's a crappy shot of the eclipse:
Sorry it's blurred, but what do you expect with no tripod and an (what-seemed-like) 18 minute shutter lag? If you didn't get out to see it live, oh well you'll have to wait a few years.
Back to the snow- it wasn't too bad when I left work at 11:00, but in the 2 hours I was at the barn we got about 3 inches. We're supposed to get more by midnight- about 6-8 inched total.

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Stitcher S said...

Love the Creepy Kids pattern, I must go look it up.

Enjoyed reading your blog.