Monday, February 4, 2008

My boys came up short :(

I'm sure some of you may have noticed the lack of any pre-SuperBowl references last week...

I give full credit and blame for the loss on Boston's dufus mayor Mumbles, who boastfully and stupidly divulged his plans for the "Parade" last Monday. He totally jinxed The Patriots. I'm sure come re-election (is it next year?), this poor display of judgment will factor heavily in the voter's tallies.

I didn't want to talk about the game at all in an effort to do my part in un-doing any hex or curse the football gods may have placed on the team. Alas and alack, it was not to be. I do give high props to the Giants defense- I was SO hoping someone would break that Tuck guy's leg, before he broke Tom's, but he played, his whole team played, PLAYED with heart, a hard-fought battle and won. Kudos to them.

And what was Belicheck thinking when he opted not to go for that field goal on 4th-and-was it 12? He's not going to forgive himself that one for the rest of his life.

I managed some stitching and will post pictures forthwith. Now let's get on with things and put this bad, depressing chapter behind us all.

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