Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's Alive!

My head cold is much better; but every time I sat on the couch, I tended to snuggle under the afghan(s) and zonk out- I did have my stitching tote beside me more than once, but I never had the energy to open it.
Evening stitching time is now going to be shortened- I'm trying to NOT get to the barn until after 7:30 to avoid conflicts with AssFace people. I suppose I could stitch before I go to the barn, that may work.
I finally realize why my parents retired to Florida: it's too damn cold here!! They made their decision to move and bought a house in 1978 or '79, and did the move in 1981 after my younger brother graduated high school. This of course occurred after the oil crisis, and then the DUM-DUM-DUM.... Blizzard of '78 (all you NEw Englanders now of which I speak- the 30th anniversary was last week, replete with TV specials and Boston Globe inserts). I'm so fed up with being cold all the time- my thermostat is set for 63 at night and 65 during the day. I supplement with the wood stove, but I can't start that until I'm in for the night, which will now be later because of asshats at the barn. I just want WARM!


Anna van Schurman said...

During the Blizzard of '78, my sister and I took to jumping off the back deck--which was attached to the 2nd floor of the house. The snow was so high it was hardly a leap. I remember my mother being too freaked out to let us leave the yard because kids were getting buried when the snowplows came by. Good times...

XmaryX said...

We had 3 weeks off from school because they couldn't get not just the streets, but the sidewalks plowed, for the walkers. After 2 weeks, it was Feb vacation week, and they just threw up their hands & said "Well, we'll save on fuel costs!" I'm almost positive there were still snow banks in the mall parking lot into the end of June.
Totally amazing- and yes- good times indeed!