Monday, February 4, 2008


Here's what i stitched during the game last night:

And here's what I got done at work today (at lunch of course!):

I'm having menopausally-warped PMS- I was very anxious about going up to ride tonight- dreading it, in fact. I ended up having a nice ride (as usual!) I came home ready to bawl my eyes out, being lonely, wanting to stitch, NEEDING to get some exercise & not having time, bored with work, but being too busy to be bored, wicked anxious about bills and money; I was totally pissed with Chicken last night because she wouldn't go to the bathroom,; I've been SO exhausted I could scream and if only I wasn't so tired, I could up early & jog, and if I could just get up & jog, I would stop being so tired. What a conundrum! I just want to say "F%&k this" about everything, and hop in the car & drive out to the west coast somewhere (never been, but hey- it's my nervous breakdown), and then remember my "anniversary trip" back to Ireland, and I REALLY want to live there, not just go back. Which brings up money woes again.....oh and did i mention my horrendous chocolate cravings?? There is not enough dark chocolate on the face of this planet to satisfy my lust for chocolate right now.
Did we see these ones yet? This was on the way back from Kenmare:


Strawberry Lane said...

What lovely needlework and it is such great therapy!

Love your beautiful horse!

XmaryX said...

Thanks so much! I see you have some black horses too! Very nice!