Monday, February 25, 2008

There, but for the grace of God...

I spent $40-some odd dollars on a strangles vaccine for Axe, and a vial flea control liquid for Chicken today.
I went back up to the barn to ride later, and while doing so, she kicked across a 1/4" x 6" long steel pin buried in the footing. Can I tell you I nearly fell prostrate in an effort to thank the gods that she didn't puncture her hoof with this thing!!!??? Talk about a vet bill! That would have easily gone over $500 in vet & farrier costs. I hopped off & immediately picked it up. Two other teens, who aren't so obnoxious when the AssFace boy isn't with them, asked incredulously "Was that a pin???!!!" I slapped it on the ring rail & said "Yes" and politely advised them to account for all the pins when they move the jumps around (really- i didn't scream at them! I used a very neutral tone of voice!) After they left the ring, I realized this pin may have come from the tractor used to drag the footing, not from a jump. But, hopefully, the kids will be more cautious & diligent with the jumps, seeing as this pin had been there for the whole time they had been riding, and it was sheer luck their horses didn't step on it.

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Strawberry Lane said...

Well, that does make one weak in the knees! That is the time to pound the ground in thanks to the rain Gods and all other diety.

BTW ... thanks for visiting my site. I'm sure the girls would be happy to keep any and every horse's tail cleared of all shavings, hay or any bits of dust. They are dedicated and oddly fearless of feet.