Friday, February 15, 2008

Slipped Thru the Cracks of my mind...

It started the other day as I was thinking I really should "Finish"-finish some of my ornaments, which led me to think about framing some small things, which led me to think if I had any frames on hand, which led me to remember "Hey I went to IKEA a few weeks ago & got frames!", which led me to think "But what did i do with those frames??" All forgotten until a moment ago where I looked on the floor behind me and espied a long narrow box in which rests my friend's Christmas present which caused me to remember "Hey! Where are those tassels I bought at IKEA a few weeks ago?" And I looked to the right of the box and lo! there it was- my forgotten IKEA bag! With tassels and frames! Which led me to remember "Hey! I took pictures of this stuff & never posted!" Which leads me to right here right now:

My friends Xmas present (yes- I'm a tad delayed in giving it to her...):
I saw on Alicia's "Pozy Gets Cozy" blog she had received a pale pink loaf baking pan, so since I was having gift paralysis, I thought of giving my friend a bread-baking themed gift. I found this red stoneware pan on the King Arthur Bread website (on sale, no less!) and also purchased 2 different bread mixes and a bread knife.
At IKEA, I found this stuff to add:
A bright red PVC cutting board, and a couple of red striped dish towels, a red checked oven mitt, and the red/white/blue striped apron. I was hoping for some groovier bright red towels, but I may make a trip to Bed, Bath & Linens & Things Beyond All Hope.
For my stash I found the following:
Those are 4 boxes of tassels ( 5 cents each!!!!) with 2 each burgundy, black, and natural-colored yarn. Below that are a set of 3- 4"x6" unfinished pine frames (no glass), and a single 9"x9" frame matted to 4-3/4" square. I think my stuff cost about $7.00 total. The linens & gift stuff, maybe $18 or $19.

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