Wednesday, February 27, 2008

something to Stitch about...

Stash: (self-explanatory)

Sorry about the flash.

Christmas Biscornu 2:
On this face I have the outlined backstitching & all the beads, then I have to complete the reverse face, which will be simple like the first biscornu.
That Bright Needle ornament from JCS 2007:
Still some red to be stitched on the upper right motif, some lilac on the upper middle, and finish the lower right and complete the outline.
Girth fuzzys for the Axinator:
One for her dressage girth and another for her regular girth. These slide over the girth (the wide "strap" that holds the saddle on, goes under her belly) to help prevent chafing behind her front "elbows". My girl has sensitive, ticklish skin, she does, precious. Good ride tonight. She's loving the hay I bought for her- waiting with prickly ears for it after our ride tonight!

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