Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Hallmark Day!

I DID have a post started for last night, complete with pictures, except someone who shall remain nameless was logged onto my computer with about 13 Internet Explorer windows open, including music downloads, and my connection to the internet kept going away: "a network cable is unplugged". Yeah right! If some computer-savvy (oo-Johnny Depp) person knows why this should happen, I'd be forever grateful for some tips to prevent it.
Stitch & Bitch tonight, and I haven't stitched an "X" since, last week sometime. I think I did about 2 lengths of white floss on my Xmas Biscornu2, and I know I never posted a picture.
Oh- and I scored 15 skeins of Sampler Threads from Ebay last night for $21 & change. Now let's hope they're FULL skeins (it didn't say otherwise....) There are some awesome floss sales going on right now. I'm watching some silks, but the price for those is getting high, although still lower than LNS prices per skein. Now don't any of you go checking this stuff out and out-bidding me - you hear!!??
I will try to re-post what I hope is saved as a draft, and add the pictures- I tried to email the pictures here at work, but even that didn't escape the clutches of my "network cable" thief!

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