Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sniff!...Sigh... Cough...

Gotta a headcold, so I opted not to go to S & B tonight and spread the germs. We were going to have birthday cake for Jean, too! Oh well, I suppose being able to fit into my pants would be a postive to that negative.
The AssFace boy at the barn who likes to give me trouble was at it again last night:
He was at ringside while his "buddies" from the other barn rode around when I entered. There was a private lesson ending, and a pre-teen exercising a pony while her mom, a trainer, watched. One of the "buddies" finishes & starts walking her horse out to cool off, and the other starts warming his horse up, and I heard him say he hadn't jumped yet. He's polite, and calls out where he's going:"Inside" or "outside" or"red+ black cross rail", etc., so I stay out of his way, and he stays out of mine. 10 minutes or so go by, and he's letting the AF boy get on his horse, who starts cantering, either direction, getting used to the horse. He's not near me-which is fine.
I'm minding my own business going around the perimeter of the ring, walk, trot, canter, very predictable. I reverse and repeat. Now I've started cantering, and I'm 2/3 of the way around the ring, and on the opposite side of the ring I hear the AF boy cantering towards me, and based on the rules I've been taught, (the same rules he's been taught mind you), I ride on the "inner" loop of the ring, and he rides to the outer wall- my left shoulder faces his left shoulder "Left-to-Left" is the rule. So I'm coming around a jump and all of a sudden, he's going over the jump, right in front of me, and instead of going straight or bending right away from me, he turns towards me, so I have to yank back on Ax's mouth as hard as I can to stop/steer her left to avoid colliding with this other horse. I let the F-bombs fly, and he never even apologizes, as if!
Then he gets on his cell & calls someone- probably his mommy to report that I yelled & swore at him, becuase that's his M.O.
So now I have to look forward to his bitch on wheels troll of a mother getting up in my face. I'm going to tell her to bite me and walk away.
Never annoy a PMS-ing Premenopausal woman with a head cold. I'm just warning you.

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