Friday, February 8, 2008

Remember this?

I finally broke out this thing at lunch today:
I have to say, this piece of fabric is the main reason why I try to stitch only on Jobelan. It's done over one, and the fabric has a very soft hand, like it's been washed & tumbled dry. The threads aren't tight to each other, so if I'm not careful with my tension, the floss will slide under a fabric thread, and I have to pick it back into place. Jobelan (and maybe there's a comparable fabric to it with the same qualities) seems to have sizing; it's stiffer, and the threads are "tight". It's a consistent, regular weave, too, with little to no slubs, like "natural" linens.
This piece is a Cashel, and mayube it WAS washed & dried in the coloring process. I'm too lazy to go look at the packet to see who made it. Plus there's a Tony's Pizza for one odoriferizing the joint and I'm starting to drool all over the keyboard.

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