Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another Day, Another Post...

So my BF has gone totally insane. He came yesterday morning with this:


That's a HIGH CHAIR. And yes, that's Chicken eating her marshmallows in a HIGH CHAIR!!!!

He says its so she can be at our height while we eat Thanksgiving dinner.


"Did you say turkey and gravy?"

Yes, I KNOW she's a dog.

Apparently, because HE doesn't know she's a dog, SHE doesn't know she's a dog.

Does any one know Cesar Milan's phone number? I have a dog that needs rehabilitation and a BF that needs training.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch:

pretty girl

Pretty girl- before the mud.


Rachel said...

ok. Im torn on waiting to see Thanksgiving pics of Chicken or reading about (or maybe watching) how Cesar does!

Linda in MA said...

Thank goodness the high chair is for Chicken and not something else!

Linda in MA