Thursday, November 20, 2008

Next to Nothing...

It'll be a bloody miracle if this post is successful. I would have a progress photo of Toil & Trouble, except that I am running that dastardly Norton system scan, yet again, on Emily's side of the computer, because one of her files contains a t.r.o.j.a.n. (Trying to avoid random google word search hits). I am literally clicking a function button, then having to walk away to the next room to do something else out of utter frustration at the slowness of my computer. By the time I come back, my request has occured.
I also made the mistake of calling to see if my car might possibly be ready tomorrow, so i won't have to keep the rental thru the weekend. Uh, no way. The appraisal came in absurdly low (which was my assessment, but I haven't had body work done by a shop). The shop is seeking a "supplemental" payment to cover the labor costs of removing the head liner to bang out the dents in the roof. The dents are too deep to just fill with Bondo, they have to be pulled so a thinner application can be applied, otherwise the filled spots will probably crack and pop off in the cold, or if the metal flexes at all. Which was why I thought it would be at least $2000 to fix prpoerly, and the body shop guy agreed. But they have to wait for a re-appraisal before they can do anything.
And on the way home tonight I had to drive by a fully-engulfed truck. Believe me when I tell you I was shouting at the cars in front of me to "step on it!!!!" instead of gawk at the inferno one lane away. I was afraid it was going to blow up just as I went by, but I made it, thankfully. I was surprised the state trooper was letting people drive by; the other time I happened upon a car fire, they shut down both sides of a 3-lane highway (3 on each side).
Well, see you on the other side if this posts. I will take photos tomorrow.

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