Sunday, November 2, 2008

Nothing Much

to report. I helped a friend out this afternoon; I was blowing and swatting away fruit flies all afternoon, as I have for the past couple of weekends there. He finally asks "How do I get rid of fruit flies? I've killed half a dozen for each of the last few days." He also admitted that he has floaters in his eyes and sometimes can't tell between floaters and flies. I suggested he make sure he has no fruit remains in any trash baskets (he's an avid fruit eater) and he insisted he always wraps up any fruit remains in a bag.  Little voice inside my head: UUUMMM... not last week you didn't!.  So I said to pour bleach or some other pesticide down his sink- the flies seems to be emanating from there.

I slept like crap last night- and I was SO looking forward to my extra hour! I fell sound asleep on the couch for about 2 hours. I went up stairs & watched the last hour of SNL. I just love David Cook- I have to get his album. Then I tossed & turned for what seemed like all night. Finally, as the sun came up, and I was feeling like I could sleep in all morning, the dog needed to go out, so that ended THAT!

I made this this morning:


Cook's Illustrated New York Crumb Cake. They should call it "UUMMMMM Cake".




I checked on Axe after i got home. Seeing as I was tired &  hungry, and the temp was dropping like a stone (I tell you- my typos befuddle spell-check- it has no clue what I'm trying to type so I end up fixing them as I go!), I opted not to ride. She was very crabby with me yesterday and as I put on her girth, she bit me on my side under my arm. I has a jacket, a sweatshirt & a teeshirt on, so as of this morning it's just a couple of bruises. When I looked last night, there was no bruise, but there was a TICK,of all things. And I even recall when it attached itself to my side: when I was changing my shirt to ride, I had felt a sharp itch. So I'm keeping my eye on it for the bull's eye. The tick was either a youngster brown tick or a large deer tick. Too in-between to tell for sure.

Chicken looking for some supper:


Sometimes she gets right under my feet, and I think she's trying to trip me to make me drop my food. Sneaky little doggy!



Here's someone having WAY too much fun:

halloween 001

That's Tuna the dog dressed in a bumble bee costume. HAR HAR! "BUMBLEBEE TUNA"!  That's Em's idea! Brilliant! Chicken was just a couch potato, like me.

Very little stitching, unfortunately. Hopefully, this week will allow for some time.

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