Sunday, November 23, 2008

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We're scraping the bottom of the barrel tonight, folks!

I gathered my courage and every warm piece of clothing I could find and went over to actually saddle up & ride the beast. I'm sorry- a week ago we were over 60 degrees; the past two mornings were in the upper teens/low twenties, not rising much above thirty for the day's high. And the wind! The wind chill has been in the single digits! I know I'm needing a little cheese with this whine, but really, a little more gradual change, please! For me and the furry beasts! Anyway, thanks to Sue over at Liv'N Laf, for shaming me into getting off my ass and pulling on the 3 turtlenecks, fleece vest, long johns and high socks, and hooded sweatshirt. They had to get the crane lift out to put me in the saddle because I couldn't move, but I did it!

She was good, and appreciated that I didn't spend too much time brushing her- she's so ticklish! - because, well she has two blankets on and couldn't get herself dirty!

I came home, and made up the wood stove so I can torch it off when I finally sit down to watch "24: Redemption" on FOX at 8:00 pm TONIGHT. Don't forget! Has everyone else been missing Jack Bauer?  I can hear that clock beep/ticking...key_art_24

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Sue said...

Yep...come to me anytime you need a shove. I'll be happy to help. :-)