Saturday, November 29, 2008

Two More Days...

Can you tell I'm so over NaBloPoMo? Scintillating writing this is not.

The icicle lights are hung, the wreath is on the front door. I have a major house cleaning due imminently.

Does anyone know where I can purchase flax seed (just flax seed- not a mix of seed) and/or buckwheat hulls?

No flax seed at the pet food store. Forgot to ask about the hulls.

I got most of the dried mud off you-know-who's blanket. Her waterproof one is covered now. Every day is a day at the Spa for her!


Sue said...

Hi can get Flax seed at a Grocery Store(Shaws maybe?). Either in the organic aisle (Hodgson Mill sells it) or in a bulk food section where you can bag it yourself. I use it all the time in my cereal. Trader Joes will have it if you have one around you.

Linda in MA said...

I was able to get flax seed a long time ago at a health food store.