Friday, November 7, 2008

I just give up....

left work today to go home. There's a branch on the ground beside my car, which wasn't there in the morning. It's about 3" in diameter, and about 10 feet long, with lots of smaller branches at the top. My car is covered in small broken twigs & leaves. Oh and there's a nice dent in the edge of the roof next to the windshiled, plus another bigger one on the piece of car between the roof and the door. Lucky me. I call my boss to get directions on how to use his fancy-dancy camera, becuase it doesn;t seem to be focusing. I end up taking about 30 shots becuase I can't tell if they're in focus. My boss says I can claim thru his homeowner's insurance. It's getting dark, it's Friday night and I want to go home.

I get to the barn and Axe is COVERED in mud everywhere not covered by her sheet. Her sheet is damp with mud. She rides good though.
At the gas station, under their bright lights, I see abrasions on my left front fender where the branch must have slid off. Based on the scrape on my rear bumper (which I also DID NOT cause!) this is going to cost upwards of $2000 to fix, I bet.
ANd I don't have any cold beer.
Sucks to be me.


yardsailor said...

So sorry you had a sh***y day, car damage is such a PITA!! We are still waiting for an appraiser to check out the damage to the race car trailer from the 18 wheeler. almost a month now. Why was Axe all covered in mud, did she roll in it?

Xeyedmary said...

Thanks for the sympathy!
Did you have different appraisers for the different vehicles?

As for Axe, yes, she rolled in the mud- her favorite activity after the rain. That horse loves her spa treatments!