Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Hidden Compulsion

Shockwave's Daily Jigsaw

Gotta play it- EVERY DAY. I've even gotten back out of bed and turned the computer back on to play.

You can choose degree of difficulty. When it's an oval shape, usually on Mondays, I pick a medium high (150 piece or the next size up). The other days I always do the 150 piece. Once, recently, the 150 piece was flawed- pieces didn't match and not all were there (very odd bug- only time it's happened to me), so I picked the next more difficult. I typically finish in the top 100, a lot of times in the top 50. Once, I was even first! I'm not a "Premium" (paying) member, so I don't get any recognition.


So now you all know another dark, dirty secret about me. Don't let the white coats take me away! (Ha ha, hee, hee, ho, ho; to the funny farm....)

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~mj~ said... compulsions are not hidden...I am addicted to [laying Hoyle Board Games...esp. Wordox and Double Cross.

You asked about my needlework frame on my`s a Gazelle 2.