Wednesday, November 26, 2008

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BrightNeedle Xmas2008

"To Thee, A Very Merry" by Bright Needle designs

on 32 ct. ivory Jobelan w/ threads from stash (WDW, GAST) over one

I've run out of energy; I still have to bake my Flat Apple Pie, and I should make my dinner rolls and clean my house. I had to drive daughter o'mine up to Braintree to catch the T back to Boston because we just missed the 6:00 train and the next didn't leave until 9:30. So 2 hours in the car, in heavy traffic, has done me in.

I have a sink full of large mixing bowls. I've tried a twist on my cupcakes- I filled some chocolate ones with a peanut butter cream, then frosted with chocolate icing. I can't wait for Em to tell me how they came out.

She had a great ride on her horse tonight. They have such a bond, and Axe goes so well for her. I suck.

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