Thursday, November 1, 2007

99th post on the wall!

Just noted that logging in and today begins National Blog Posting Month:

Today will be busy. Bob & I are moving the Axe back to HBF. He's not happy about it at all- he doesn't trust any of the people providing care. I totally understand his point, but she needs to be ridden everyday, and this is the closest available place with an indoor. I can check on her on my way TO work (as well as after of course)- it's that close.
I told Em we'd do this as long as we could move her to the other place when a stall becomes available. In deference to Bob, I'm totally nervous about how much (or little) turn out she's going to get. The owner's girlfriend's 4 horses are top dogs, to the neglect of all the other horse in the barn.
Anyway, then tonight is S & B. I hope Deb has gotten new charts in from the Needlework show. I'm starting to get tired with these little things I've been doing, and am getting the itch to do a bigger project.
I'll try to post later- I was able to work on the Xmas biscornu at lunch yesterday. I'm down to about 50 stitches remaining, then the beading. (And back face and finishing...)

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