Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Crazy I tell ya!

"Someone" stayed up until after 3:00 this morning on her computer. It wasn't me. I went to work and was able to leave at noon. YAY! Then I had to wake "someone" up (oh! maybe because she went to bed after 3:00 this morning???) to bring her to the insurance agent, and then to the RMV to put her car back on the road. Good news is: her insurance will be dropping in cost by almost half. Bad news is: won't happen until February, when she's had 3 years driving experience. Those public employees at the RMV sure like to gab with customers. It only took us 5 minutes to get the plates, and over 30 minutes to watch 13 people get processed thru 5 different clerks. I believe the math works out to almost 10 minutes per person: 2.5 people went to 5 different stations. Well- like 12 minutes per transaction. All I could see was chit-chatting to customers. And based on the animated hand gestures at license renewal cutomers, they weren't talking about driving.

Then I had to go to Walmart to buy $214 worth of new eyeglasses. Oh- did I say "but not for me?" Insert deep breathe here. Thanksgiving means being thankful she wasn't too full of herself to have NOT found suitable frames amongst Walmarts offerings. And she was desperate for new ones. I think the old ones were 3 + years old.

Now I have to make squash, cauliflower, carrots & parsnips, make rolls, tidy up & vaccuum. I'm making slow-cooker stuffing tomorrow and the apple pie. Aside from mashed potatoes & the bird (which is brining away as we speak), that'll be it. ... I think...Hmmm... what else? OH! I always forget the cranberry sauce! Just the canned jellied kind (gotta support the hometown team!) but I usually forget to put it out.
Happy Cooking! And thanks to all my readers, like, all 5 of you! Aw... you know who you are! Thanks!

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