Saturday, November 3, 2007

One Hundred!

Yay! Photos! Hawaiian Sunset & Christmas biscornus:
Xmas is done except for back stitching,beads & finishing.

Aslan sitting like the Queen he is:

I made bread in my machine today. Oatmeal Molasses Craisin walnut:
Stash I bought Thursday:
Plum Street Samplers "Fruit of the Spirit"

And Little House Needleworks "Gingerbread Cottage" and "Snowflakes"

These are the first LNH to catch my fancy. I see on other blogs they're quite popular, but i haven't been crazy about any until the Gingerbread one, and then Deb had gotten "Snowflakes" and another Christmas-y one similar to it.
We're being battered by high winds and rain today. I worked for my friend Tom today. It was odd not going to the barn & giving Axe her breakfast. ;(
Emily's college equestrian team is riding against a local team at our barn tomorrow. She's coming home tonight with her roomate to watch and take photos. Her roomate is a journalism major. I get to make a hot lunch for her 20 teamates. Oh fun. ..

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