Sunday, November 4, 2007

Post Storm...

So I survived the big storm. Lots of branches down, but no damage that I've detected yet. Emily came home with her roommate for the BSC show being hosted at our barn. I had to make chicken, broccoli & ziti for 20, with salad & garlic bread, drinks, chips, and cookies. I took as many shortcuts as possible: jarred sauce, packaged salad greens, store bought cookies, etc, but everyone seemd to like the spread, and were very appreciative. I also had to clean that black hole of a bedroom of Emily's. Took a couple of hours, but there's bare floor now- enough for several people to actually stand on!
The Pats are playing the Colts. It's half-time, and my guys are down 13-7. I hope they get a better handle on Indy the next half. I'm listening to the game- I can't watch, though I did see Adam Venitieri MISS his first field goal attempt, at a distance from which he's never missed before. Then the Pats got their TD.
I have to make a fire, after I do my daily jigsaw. I surely enjoyed my extra hour of sleep this morning!

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