Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tired Tuesday...

I didn't ride tonight, just went up to make grain. I walked Axe around on a lead. It appears the owner's bimb...OOPS!- i mean girlfriend is swapping some of her "pets". The horse trader was there, and one (or maybe both) ponies were gone, one horse was in a different stall, and a strange new one in its place. Nice of her to say something while I go make 4 days worth of grain for the missing (sold?) pony.

I am re-notarized. Had to take the oath- jeez! it was worth than marriage vows! I don't remember it being so long.

I really want to kit up & start PSS "Fruit of my loins" or whatever it's called.
I made some cookies- just a mix- but hey- these ones are actually pretty good, and quick to throw together. I added- what else- craisins & walnuts. I've added white choc chips as well, but then they're too sweet.
Well, off to wash dishes- my favorite thing to do!

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