Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Best Laid plans...

I had just completed one more side of my biscornu, and my boss's wife comes in. It's a running joke in our office how she's not allowed to use the copier becuase she causes an error code every time she uses it. So today she comes in to use his cadillac of photo printers (not as big as Ree's http://thepioneerwoman.com/2007/11/when_you_live_in_the_country.html), but definitely bigger than a bread box. SHe manages to load some paper, but it doesn't print to the correct printer (we have 4) then not the right size, then not the right orientation, you get the idea. So I'm enlisted for advice and I know nothing about making photos on this behemouth. So between the two of us, we muddle around with it for almost 2 hours, and finally produce what she wants: 1- 5 x 7 photo and 1 - 4 x 6. Oh, we went thru about 5 sheets of 8 1/2 x 11, and another 3 of 4 x 6, but we fianlly figured it out. But no more biscornu stitching at work. Luckily I had eaten my lunch earlier while I was working.

I didn't ride tonight. I came home from making grain & made spaghetti & sauce (from a jar, but doctored with italian sweet sausage & a splash of dry vermouth.
Yes- that's freshly grated parmesan cheese, thank you very much. A couple of years ago, Bob got me a KitchenAid food processor- it's one of my favorite appliances. And it sure beats the leaf blower he got me another year.

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