Monday, November 26, 2007

Stitching Stuff

I stitched about an hour on Fruit of the Spirit, not that you can really tell:
Chickie was my stitching buddy:
Now I'm back to riding the horse, beginning tonight. Dread,dread, dread. And Bob at the barn is pissed off at Emily, to make the whole experience even more dreadful. I really wish we were able to move Axe to Alice & Dave's when we had to get out of Dodge. I'll have to send them a Xmas card with a note to please keep us on their list.
Tomorrow morning I have to drop the car off for an oil change & 25K service. I won't bring FOS with me only becuase I have to walk a half mile down the road to the office. Hopefully it won't be raining hard. Blech.

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