Sunday, November 18, 2007

Quiet Day

It was a normal Sunday- like they used to be- I got up, walked the dog, went for a jog & the newspaper, tidied up a bit, did 2 loads of laundry BEFORE 10 am (!), had tea & toast with Bob, watched football, cooked a roast pork loin & mashed & the usual sides- all in all- just like it used to be. It was very nice not having to cram all my chores & visiting with bob into 5 hours. I even made a pan of Gingerbread ! Just so you know, whipped cream is much better than vanillla ice cream- the ice cream is too "heavy".
No sewing or crafts; I'm still trying to manage my time better to allow for that.
Emily's friend Liz was at our barn this afternoon. I jogged Axe for her and she couldn't detect any lameness. So maybe she was just stiff. Or I'm too fat to ride her.
I've been meaning to announce that I started to re-read all of Harry Potter- I just finished the 4th book. It is such a better way to read this series- back-to-back-to-back- I can retain the characters & plots much better without the gap between publishing each book. I had totally forgotten that Crouch's son had faked Mad-Eye Moody's persona.
Thanksgiving this week- a ton of cooking awaits!

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