Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sour Grapes

Shula-Schmoola! An asterisk next to the Pats should they have an undefeated season????
Are you kidding me???
Video-gate was a crap claim made by a crap coach. EVERY team videos the opposing team's sideline, as well as play on the field- watch ANY game this weekend & watch all the clipboards covering coaching staff mouths. If coaches on every team are still preventing their lips from being read, that means that EVERY team is still concerned that their opponent is taping, whether they are playing the Patriots or ANY OTHER TEAM. And if all the teams have been and are still doing it, then EVERYONE is cheating, and NO ONE has an unfair advantage.
Meanwhile the Miami Dolphins routinely wet down their playing field to limit any good opposing running backs. (So there!) Shula had his undefeated season during a year when the NFL sucked anyways. It wasn't hard to achieve what they did. This year in the NFL also sucks; aside from the Pats, there's the Cowboys & the Steelers,and maybe Tennessee, other than that, there's not any competition. If the Patriots "deserve" an asterisk, then so do the Dolphins.
And down off my soapbox I go... this isn't in my blog description.

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