Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This is Going to be Fun...

Well, after driving 125 miles since 4 pm, including fighting rush hour traffic in AND out of Boston, the daughter is home. We had to go up to the barn so she could ride and I could make grain. Axe didn't seem to be lame, so maybe it was just my fat ass making her back sore. And finally eating a supper consisting of a Mickey D's snack wrap at 10 pm, isn't going to help that situation. No siree it's not.

Well my wacky dog gave me a chuckle to start my day: The kitten has taken to drinking out of Chickie's bowl, and hunching over between it, and the side of the 'frig, which is too darn close to Chickie's food bowl, thank you very much. Nope- she doesn't like that business AT ALL!

Plus, the kitten has taken to lounging in Chickie's dog bed on the kitchen floor in the sun, which is also starting to get annoying to little diva dog. This morning, after I set everyone's food down & refilled water bowls, the bed was in the middle of the floor, but close to the kitchen island. When I got out of the shower this is what I saw:
Someone is taking the guarding of her borders VERY seriously!
Doesn't this little terrorist kitty look guilty:
No- she isn't spooked- her tail seems to have grown in that fluffy. She also grew in a very thick cowl of fur around her chest.
Sigh- it's late & I have to go to bed; tomorrow I have to start cooking. I have to do everything I didn't do tonight. ...........thank goodness it'll be a 4 day weekend.

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