Saturday, November 24, 2007

Turkey Hangovers..

I got up at 7 am and was at the barn by 8:30 to make grain. I went out to find a b-day present for my friend Liz, even though her birthday was mid-October. Her husband threw a 45-th party back at the beginning of October, the week before my barn melt-down actually, i think. Per her request, I had donated to the Home for Little Wanderers in lieu of a gift, but we always exchange gifts, so I had to get something else. We go to Town Spa pizza in Stoughton for a linguica & a greek salad, always! Our date is Wednesday night. Then I'll have to think about Christmas/Hanukha gifts. I also went to Michael's next door to the TJMaxx (are they always built next to each other or what?) and got some ribbons & wreath trims.

After Bob left, I went out to Joann's and got the rest of the fabric for the quilt. Some of it will also be for the pillow. I found these tiny 6 foot spools of trim in the scrapbook dept.- perfect for pin keeps! And the color selection was way better than the regular trim selection. The other trims are also for pin keeps.

I had gotten this for Chickie for Xmas dress-up: she didn't want to cooperate:
It's a light-up Christmas tree headband and a plaid bow tie. The tree also plays jingle bells.
HO-Ho-Ho! just a little political incorrect-ness for you. Nothing like some post-holiday anarchy.

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