Friday, November 9, 2007


Well, another day that I didn't fall off the horse.
My boss is having all the windows replaced at his house, including the office & garage. They got to the office today, & replaced 3 of the 10. But it meant they were inside with me most of the day, so I couldn't stitch. My boss is away, so I could pretend to work but really play solitaire.
Axe is getting new shoes tomorrow, and some vaccine boosters next Thursday. So I get a call back from the vet because I wanted to know if she thought I should get an equine herpes vaccine for Axe, too. The answering machine picks up on the second ring, as I answer, so my whole conversation about herpes is being played out loud with the two carpenters listening in the other room. Rest assured, I explained it was equine herpes I was talking about! EEEWWW!!!

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