Sunday, November 25, 2007

I'm Posting because it's NaBloPoMo

Not becuase I have anything interesting to write about or post tonight. I was craving something sweet and breakfast-bread-like this morning, so I took my dinner roll recipe for my machine, and added craisins & walnuts and let it bake as a loaf. It came out quite yummy. Then in the spirit of "What's the most opposite meal from turkey dinner I can make today?" and made American Chop Suey for lunch for me & Bob today. I believe it's kind of regional to the Northeast, but it's basically macaroni, with a tomato/meat sauce stirred in. Bob likes his with butter stirred in, and topped with parmesan cheese. Not to gross anyone out here, but my Mom's version growing up was elbows, canned tomato soup-not reconstituted, and ground beef. If she could sneak some onions in there she would; personally I liked the onions in it, and would augment with onion salt. Today, I used a can of italian flavored stewed tomatoes, plus a can of tomato sauce, with ground beef sauted with some chopped onions. MMm..tasty! And NOT turkey!

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