Friday, November 27, 2009


just a drive-by:

little turkey sandwiches (YUM!) (on my dinner rolls  which didn’t come out good this time- technical difficulties with my timer- I saved them in the nick of time)

So I made a loaf of oatmeal honey bread (YUM!) for better sandwiches, and then the guacamoles had turkey dinner  redux, and I sent them back to Boston with one more meal, and so now I have one really big sandwich-worth’s left. Bye bye 18 pounds of brined goodness…..:^(

SO i had some Brie & crackers for supper (YUM!) I served Brie, smoked Monterey jack, cheddar, and pub cheese yesterday for snacks.

I bought some ham at the supermarket, so I can make ham & cheese toasty sandwiches (YUM!)

Now I can have homemade Mostess cupcakes for dessert! (YUM!)

mostess cupcakes

Did you say you had one sandwich left? I’ll take care of that!


My other cupcake

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