Saturday, November 7, 2009

Just Cooking…

What is it about November that’s so conducive to cooking? Is it the shorter days, the cooler temperatures, the imminent holidays?

This week I’ve made a loaf of cranberry bread, sautéed steak, then chicken tacos for the kids, then pizza last night immediately followed by a pot roast overnight, cooked up the leftover piece of chicken from the tacos, and then a batch of brownies.

Hmm.. the list seems skimpy now that I’ve written it down. Maybe I feel like I’ve been chained to the kitchen this week because I was away last week and didn’t cook at all?

Also, the brownies I made were a Ghirardelli's mix. I’ve decided I like my homemade ones a lot better.


And hey! Has anyone gotten the Pioneer Woman Cookbook? I saw a review or a write-up somewhere that listed the recipes; she had a “Flat Apple Pie”. Can someone tell me how it compares to my recipe?

flat apple pie10

I think I  may have submitted my recipe to her comment page for a contest a long time ago. Not that I’d sue her or anything, I’m just curious is all. Actually, I’d find it kind of flattering if she liked it enough to use it!

Phew! that takes care of my NaBloPMo entry today!


Glenna said...

Hmmmm about the pie. I agree there's something about November that even makes me, a very reluctant cook, want to whip something up. And about your previous post--memories! Where I grew up, just down the road from you, it was ALWAYS fish on Friday. Tuna for lunch at school (with chips--to this day I can't eat a tuna sandwich without craving Wise potato chips which we can't get here usually) or fish sticks or cheese pizza for dinner when I visited my friends (we were minority Protestants in a town of Catholics where the bus came to the school to pick up most of the class for Catechism.) I still have an urge for fish on Fridays.

OnTheBit said...

I joined Nablopomo because of you...I figured that I post almost every day so why not try to make it EVERY day. If I win anything good I might share...might being the key word :P

Anna van Schurman said...

I can take a look when I get back to PA. I got the book for my birthday. I made the enchiladas. The dude liked them but I thought they were okay. I should have used spicy sauce.