Sunday, November 8, 2009

What’s in Your Bag?

Stitch Bitch proposed this meme a couple of weeks ago. Always a day late and a dollar short is me, but it’s been fun to read what other people carry in their stitching bags. Here’s mine:


My repurposed bag from a Womens’ Conference my best friend attended several years ago.


Back row, left to right:

in purple bag is the end of a roll of paper towels around which I wrap unframed WIPS; my PS Christmas Eve chart & framed WIP; in the yellow plastic envelope just above is some silks I carry around in case I want to work on a monochrome ornament although I no longer carry around the chart for those ornaments (!); my Quaker Halloween chart & my floss selections is under the large blue plastic envelope which contains my WDW, GAST, and Crescent Colours floss lists; then the scavenger hunt answers for the Online Needlework Show and some miscellaneous freebie charts. In the front row is a bookmark, my needlebox, and a spool of red thread for marking fabric centers or attaching fabric to scroll frames, and lastly, a fat honking pile of orts (Yuck!)


My needle box has some Thread Heaven, a threader, needles (Doh!), scissors, a seam ripper. a yellow pencil for marking off my working charts. I think that’s a spare skein of black or DMC 3371, some odd buttons and more orts.

Pig Pen with straps!


Catherine G. said...

"Pig Pen with straps" made me laugh!

Anna van Schurman said...

I like that you have one part of a project but not the others! Thanks for playing! :)

Wanda said...

ha ha This is such a fun thing to see!! But I'm one of those people that open your bathroom cabinets...just out of curiosity! ha ha