Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday, Monday

la-da, da,da,da,da

Well, that’s how I always heard it!

On  a serious note:  Ladies- have you heard about this: New York Times article on the recommendations to not bother with mammograms and self-examinations in your forties? The news seems to be breaking this evening over the internet, and similar stories are appearing in other papers. This study must have been done by a team of ignorant men! Let’s stop with prostate exams while we’re at it- everyone knows a man will die of old age long before prostate cancer will claim him!

Off my soap box, but I’m just trying to keep you all informed.

Em’s horse was SO dirty today! It took me half an hour to scrub all the mud off her hooves & sheet, at which point I removed the sheet and had to clean her! Her neck and side of her face was covered with dried, caked-on mud, as was her rear leg not covered by the sheet. It was the first time I’ve ever had to sweep the floor before AND after  a ride! She’s a silly girl, but I love her.hugs & kisses

In other medical news, my single glass of wine last night did nothing for me, sleep-wise. I went to bed at 10:30 and was painfully awake at 11:40 with my nagging back ache (leftover from barn sitting a couple of weeks ago). And I couldn’t even take pain drugs because of the wine. After trying to find a position that didn’t make me cry(between the dog at my ankles and the cats at my neck), I ended up on the couch in a fetal position with my back pressed flat against the back of the couch. I don’t have a heating pad, so I heated a damp towel and placed that against my lower back. Then Chickie came looking for me and curled up in my sideways lap. Once I get up and move around, my back feels fine- I don’t even have any pain riding. It seems I just can’t lie down- either on my side or flat on my back. Laying on my stomach seems so contrary I’m not even considering that option!

Don’t know if it’s a skeletal issue or muscle spasms. I’m not a run-to-the-doctor person, so I’ll see if it resolves itself. My annual physical is the day before Xmas- I’ll probably end up waiting until then if I can stand it that long.

That’s enough drivel for NaBloPoMo!

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Glenna said...

Hmmm. I'm a huge fan of Ibuprofen for back pain after consulting a doctor with a really bad mid-back thing once. Doc says the problem with Ibuprofen is that people take one or two then stop, so it doesn't do its job. So take it as directed. And no, I can't imagine sleeping on my stomach. Best of luck with it--I think back pain is just the worst.