Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thirty Days Hath September

so that means I have today and tomorrow to complete NaBloPoMo. YAY!

I made my appetizer for our Stitch & Bitch Xmas party Thursday. A few spares also served as supper. A lot of things I wanted to accomplish over the weekend never happened- including putting up the tree, giving the dog a bath, any stitching at all (aaarrrgggg!!!!).


1. Why does CVS pharmacy have items on sale in their Sunday flyer, but doesn’t stock those items in the store?

2. What’s the deal with LED Xmas lites anyway? Do they look OK on the tree? Are they worth the extra up front cost?

3. I’m very annoyed with crumbs and dirty glasses.

I rode Axe last night- she was a good girl. Em rode her all last week. She (the Axe) has been enjoying the mud, though. She was covered head to toe on her right side. Which sucks because she hates to be brushed, never mind scrubbed!

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